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Professional Boudoir Photographer in Medford, OR


Our Medford Boudoir Photography


Classic Boudoir Photography

The most popular style of boudoir photography. Our Medford photography studio boasts a bedroom setting, multiple couches, a fireplace, and much more to create your boudoir collection.


Bridal Boudoir Photography

A sexy gift idea for your spouse-to-be! Bridal boudoir focuses on creating photos to share with your partner through prints or an album. It's the perfect wedding-day gift they'll treasure as years go by.

40 Over 40 Boudoir Project


This year we're introducing a project to 40 women over 40 years old to take the leap and sign up for an empowering boudoir photoshoot.

Are YOU one of them?

Click to see the project details!

We are proud to be one of the friendliest and most professional boudoir photographers in Medford, creating an outstanding photography experience for you!


Why Boudoir?

A boudoir photoshoot with a professional photographer is a transformative experience. It's an intimate moment in time that celebrates your individuality, offering you a safe and controlled environment to express your unique personality and appreciate your sensuality. Each photograph becomes a celebration of your distinctive physical attributes and raw emotion. This isn't just about pictures; it's about cultivating a boost to your self-esteem as you see yourself through the lens of boudoir photographer dedicated to highlighting your best features.

The collaboration between you and the photographer is a journey of open communication and trust, creating a supportive atmosphere for you in our studio. The unique photography style of boudoir not only challenges conventional beauty standards but also encourages a more inclusive and diverse definition of beauty. These images become a visual narrative of your own self-discovery and self-love. Booking a boudoir photoshoot for yourself is an act of self-care, a decision to prioritize your well-being and happiness.

It's not just about taking pictures; it's about having an empowering experience that influences your sense of self-confidence long after the shutter clicks.

Boudoir Photo by Medford Boudoir Photographer, John Neilson of Luxury Boudoir Studio

Ready for your closeup?

We can't wait to give you more information! If you're looking for a great photographer in Medford, Oregon who listens, understands, and will create your dream photos, you're in the right place!

155 Oxford Place (Office only)
Medford, OR 97504

Call or Text: 541-690-2710

Email: john@luxuryboudoirstudio.com


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