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Birthday Boudoir & Fashion Photography

Fun and spunky birthday photoshoots for adults!
Birthday Bedroom Photoshoot | Boudoir Photographer Medford Oregon
Adult Birthday Photoshoot | Boudoir Photographer Medford Oregon
Birthday Photoshoot Ideas | Boudoir Photographer Medford Oregon

Personal cake & bottle of champagne* are included with every birthday photoshoot!

*Champagne only included for clients over age 21

Birthday Boudoir Photoshoot Examples


Birthday Champagne Photoshoot

Birthday photos with champagne, balloons, and all kinds of fun!


Royalty Birthday Photoshoot

Birthday boudoir photography on out elegant, queenly couch.


Number Balloon Birthday Photos

Celebrate your age with number balloons, included in your photoshoot!


Birthday Photoshoot with Balloons

High fashion birthday photos with balloons and colored decor.


Fashion Birthday Photoshoot

Birthday photos with champagne, cake, and gorgeous gowns and dresses!


Gold & Black Birthday Photography

Customize your colors for your birthday photoshoot.


Bedroom Birthday Photoshoot

That sexy "just woke up" birthday photography that looks so cute!


Birthday Glam Photos 

Super glam birthday photos on our gorgeous, high fashion couch.


Birthday Photoshoot with Cake

Blow out the candles during your birthday photoshoot! Let's celebrate.

Book Your Boudoir Photography Session

Call us today to reserve a photo shoot date on our boudoir photography calendar.

Common Questions

I have flaws and don’t look like a model.

We all have flaws … even supermodels. We have photographed hundreds of clients and they all have areas that need special lighting, special angles, or post photo enhancements to make them look the way they want to be seen.  This is all a normal part of the shoot.


This is my first time doing this and I’m nervous.

It is quite normal to feel apprehensive about your first session.  At the Luxury Boudoir Studio, we schedule a complimentary pre-shoot consultation prior to the actual photo shoot where you will have the opportunity to meet John and give you a full tour of the studio.  We will discuss what you can expect during your photo session.  Almost all of our clients are initially nervous but within thirty minutes are completely relaxed and having a great time.

How old must I be to have this type of photography done?

It is our policy that you must be at least 18 years of age.  No Exceptions.  We do reserve the right to check ID’s, so please bring an officially issued current photo ID to the pre-shoot consultation.


Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes, to ensure the privacy of our clients we do not accepts walk-ins at any time.


Where is your studio?

We are located in a residential section of east Medford, Oregon.  All our photography is done by appointment only.  Most of our clients travel by car while some prefer to fly in.  No matter what form of transportation you use to get here, there is always an easy way to get to the studio.  We can also provide transportation to and from the airport.  

If I want a mix of boudoir and fine art nudes, will I need to book extra sessions?

Of course not, each session is custom tailored during your initial consultation and can be a mix of styles, all shot within the same day.


What is your privacy policy?

The respect and privacy of our clients is our top priority.  We will not use our client’s photographs for any purpose other than for direct sale to the client who appears in the photographs.   If we want to use some of your images, we will ask you to sign a separate model release which specifies exactly which image(s) will be used.  You may decline.  We do not provide access or copies to anyone including partners, husbands, or boyfriends, regardless of their relationship to you.  (All images on our site are professional models or clients who have signed a written model release.)

Common Questions
How to Prepare

How To Prepare

How do I prepare in advance for my boudoir photo shoot?

Please download our free Boudoir Dream Shoot Guide.


Do you have any outfits or do I need to supply them all?

Our boudoir photography studio has the largest collection of dresses, lingerie and costume jewelry in Southern Oregon. The dresses are purchased from all over the US and include sizes from x-small to large. Most of our lingerie comes from Victoria Secret, Fredrick’s of Hollywood and unique lingerie specialty shops.  Our extensive costume jewelry literally comes from all over the world. We also have a variety of fabric wraps and wedding dresses. 


What do I need to bring to the boudoir shoot?

We suggest you bring some boudoir outfits that are special to you.  We really encourage you to bring your favorite lingerie fitted to your size. Bring your girly things, your lingerie, your high heels, your favorite CD's or digital music player, and most importantly, your sexy attitude.  Please don't move your entire closet to our studio, just bring up to six outfits to choose from.

What to Expect

How do I get ready on the morning of my boudoir photo shoot?

We have a professional makeup artist (MUA) who specializes in photographic makeup techniques.  She works with us on every boudoir shoot. 

  • Our MUA requests that you wash and dry your hair the morning of the shoot and DO NOT use any conditioner.

  • Wash your face but DO NOT apply any makeup.

  • Please make sure to shave those areas of your body that you normally shave.  No five o’clock shadows please.

  • Please DO NOT apply any fake or spray-on tan products to your skin as they will produce uneven color on your skin or spots under our lights.


Who will be present at my boudoir photo shoot?

Usually three people will be present at your boudoir session.  John the photographer, his female assistant and makeup artist (MUA).  The MUA will be taking care of your hair and makeup before your photo shoot, then she will be working with you as your personal assistant to assure that you feel comfortable and look your very best during the rest of your boudoir session. On special occasions, the director of creative lighting will also be present. 


Who will help me with the boudoir posing?

Our boudoir photo sessions are a collaboration between the photographer, his personal assistant and the client. You do not need modeling experience. We will coach you on how to pose your best for the camera. We are very creative in posing and John will demonstrate the pose for you (obviously not as sexy as you!)  We encourage you to share your own creative ideas.

What to Expect
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