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What's the Point of Boudoir Photography, Anyway?

Boudoir is for everyone! And here are some of the main reasons why those who've done it say it's awesome.

It's empowering!

It doesn't matter who you are or why you want to do it. We all have different stories. Sometimes in the midst of the chaos in life, it's a good time to step back to acknowledge your worth. Confidence is beautiful. And sometimes, we need to remind ourselves we still GOT IT, if you know what I mean...

It's fun!

It's that simple. The weeks leading up to a boudoir photoshoot are fun all by themselves too! You begin the journey of self-love and amp up the self-care. It's motivating to have something like boudoir to look forward to - let the hair care and pampering sessions begin! The entire session is an awesome experience! We turn up the music, set the mood, and get the party started just for you!

Medford Boudoir Photographer | Luxury Boudoir Studio | Wedding Boudoir Photos Medford OR
It's a celebration!

Your body is a temple. Cherish it! Maybe you've had kids; it's a perfect time to honor your body and appreciate what it's been capable of. Maybe you reached a weight goal; that's an achievement you should celebrate! Maybe you love your scars; embrace those. Or maybe, you love every single curve; celebrate that and do the shoot!

It's a unique gift!

It can even be a great way to gift your partner with something memorable. Spice things up and just do it!

It's pampering!

Who doesn't enjoy some pampering? We encourage you to visit a salon or spa in the days leading up to your boudoir photography session. Freshen up your hair color and get a little trim! Make yourself a nail appointment and enjoy every single moment.

Medford Boudoir Photographer | Luxury Boudoir Studio | Wedding Boudoir Photos Medford OR
It's a photoshoot!

YOU'RE IN THE SPOTLIGHT! With the right photographer (ahem, that's where we come in), your session is going to be a hit. Sure, you might be a little shy. But sometime during your photoshoot, you're going to let loose and it's so fun. It's the awakening moment when you realize just how amazing you are. You'll be proud of yourself for doing something like this, just for you.

It's a special time!

We will be there to lift you up and give lots of encouragement! It's time to get out of your comfort zone and dive in! There's always something in your life to appreciate and celebrate. Let this be a gift to you!

We're ready to celebrate you! Get in touch with us and let's pick a date for your empowering boudoir photo session at our super-comfy Medford photography studio.

Sensually yours,



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