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"No one compares to John at the Luxury Boudoir Studio.

He ensures that you are so freaking comfortable that you feel instantly at ease in front of him.  Seriously John takes the time to hear you and then turns you into this amazing creature that you never once thought or allowed yourself to be.

His pictures will annihilate any misconceptions you ever had about this beautiful body of yours.  You'll see and believe for at least a moment if not forever in the gorgeous pieces of art he makes with his prints of you.

His studio is intimate and there are no chances of anyone peeking.  You'll have to walk into what you think is a private home, but you will discover the whole place is a luxury photography studio.  

Walk in the door and be the already insanely sexy woman you are.

Enjoy the shoot because time flies when you're laughing, throwing the camera the eye and flinging your hair all to be captured by John's camera.  This was one of the greatest experiences of my life. 

Thank you, John, for everything."

- Anna G. -

"I recently booked a boudoir shoot with John and had an amazing experience! John is warm and friendly, immediately puts you at ease.  His studio is warm, secure and provides for a beautiful experience creating the photos.  I couldn't be happier with my wonderful session.  My husband absolutely loved the photos as a surprise anniversary gift!"

- Mariah S. -

"The experience of a boudoir photo shoot may be out of the comfort zone for some, but I wholeheartedly believe that every woman should at least once in their life go for it.  There would be no one more qualified to walk you through the experience than John.  He was amazing to work with.  Experienced, patient, attentive, and an all-around sweetheart of a person who makes you feel like you could conquer the world in your sexiest lingerie!!! lol.  His studio is awesome and comfortable.  I loved the lighting and it reflects beautifully in the photos.  I also want to say that Darby, his hair and makeup person was also terrific and did a beautiful job as well.  John truly captured my vision of what I was hoping the shoot would be. The photos are timeless, provocative, edgy, and beautiful.  John made it possible for me to see myself in a way I never thought I could.  So, if you are considering doing a photo shoot (and you should be) this is the place to do it!  Thank you, John,!!  I hope I can do it again in the near future."

- Sarah P. -

"Earlier this year I decided COMPLETELY ON A WHIM to do a boudoir shoot as a gift for my boyfriend.  I did my research and ran into quite a few horror stories.  Luckily, I also stumbled upon the Luxury Boudoir Studio.  This isn't an experience I could have had with just anyone - it's so personal and intimate!  From the first communication, John was prompt, professional and super personable.  When I met him, I was even more convinced that it was going to be a fantastic experience - there's something about his energy that made me feel so at ease.  We were serious, we laughed, we chatted - I was completely relaxed and felt like a goddess.

The pictures were so great (John did an excellent job shooting, and editing) and I was able to pick my favorites that same day.

So so so thankful for the experience and would recommend John to anyone interested in a boudoir shoot, whether it's your first time or you're coming back for more!"

- Adrienne J. -

"I just opened up my boudoir album again and I was reminded of how absolutely incredible John is!  If you are considering getting boudoir shots done, you HAVE to go to him!  I had a date scheduled with another photographer who ended up flaking at the last minute leaving me struggling a month before Valentine’s Day.  John whet the extra mile to make himself available, so I took a risk and booked with him, and it was the best decision I ever made.  I was hoping for a more high-fashion, artistic approach to this album and John absolutely delivered.  The photos are so beautifully elegant...and yes, they are incredibly sexy, but somehow without being trashy.  I look like the kind of high-level prostitute a billionaire would hire to take to black tie galas--which is just what I was going for, haha...

The album itself is also absolutely gorgeous, bound in leather with thick matte pages. My husband loved receiving it on Valentine’s day and it is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.  I've never felt more beautiful or empowered.  Trust me, he's your guy.

Darby is his makeup artist, and you must insist on her for your session.  She is just fantastic and made me look so stunning and elegant.

Thank you both for making me feel so beautiful!!!"

- Christine C. -

♥  "Working with John at Luxury Boudoir Studio was one of the best experiences I've ever had.  I had wanted to do a boudoir shoot for a while and with my wedding coming up, I thought it would be the perfect gift for my husband-to-be.  I ended up looking into 6-7 different photographers here in Southern Oregon, but John was my favorite right away.  He was quick to reply to my emails and always happy to answer any questions I had.  When it came time to shoot, John made me feel immediately comfortable.  His makeup/hair stylist Darby made me look stunning; his studio was awesome and easy to get to; and though it can be uncomfortable to pose like this, John made it into the best time. I've never felt sexier or more empowered, and the photos ended up so beautiful I couldn't believe it was me!  I ended up ordering more photos than expected because I fell in love with almost everyone (which to anyone who has been photographed you know is a feat!) And while choosing my album photos, John dealt perfectly with my type A personality. Book him, you won't regret it. I can't speak highly enough."

- Shannon H. -

"I had a great shoot at Luxury Boudoir Studio this fall. After searching across the web for photography studios that specialized in both luxury glamour and sensuous boudoir style shoots, it was clear that Luxury Boudoir Studio was the best choice. They have great customer testimonials and have lots of examples of their beautiful work available online. I was also comforted by the fact that the shoots are done by man who truly has an eye for beauty.  They help with everything from makeup to wardrobe.  Their wardrobe selection was so amazing, they had everything from formal evening gowns, cocktail dresses, more beautiful lingerie to choose from then I ever imaged plus jewelry that John has collected from all over the world.  I didn’t have to go out and buy a thing to prepare for this fabulous experience.

John and the staff were extremely professional and great to work with.  John asked me several questions about myself and why I was interested in doing a shoot and that really made me feel comfortable from the very beginning (it was intended as a gift for my fiancé).

Fast-forward to the shoot! On my arrival at his studio, John was extremely welcoming. He had picked out a few outfits for me and invited me to try them on. Everything looked great and fit me very well (I'm in the medium size range). After deciding on a few outfits, his makeup artist worked on my hair and makeup, which also came out amazing. I felt like a doll!

It was such a great day in the studio! Again, I was really impressed by the dresses, lingerie outfits, shoes, and jewelry. I wish I could have looked through everything!

After the shoot, we took a break and that same afternoon I got to pick out which ones I wanted for final finishing and printing

Thanks to John and his staff for providing such a lovely service and making me feel really beautiful!"

- Laurie J. -

"(This is also Posted on Google)

Every woman deserves a day like the one I had with John at the Luxury Boudoir Studio in Medford, Oregon. Probably the most magical, empowering, and fun experiences I have ever had. From elegant fashion to sexy boudoir shoots, this place does everything! You'll be a queen for the day!

When I arrived on my shoot day, I entered this magically residence filled with beautiful dresses, props, lingerie, shoes, and delicious snacks chosen just for me, and it's an absolute dreamland. I met Darby who was my makeup and hairdresser, such a wonderful person.  I spent the beginning of my day trying on several outfits.  Next was hair and makeup! Darby transform me into that beautiful woman I had not seen in years, it was a dream for the day!

John spent time planning out my poses, so the process went so smoothly.  Every pose made me feel empowered, flattering, and gorgeous! What was more fantastic, was I was able to pick out my best shots that same day.  No waiting for weeks to see how it came out.  I just loved that. I am beyond happy with my experience at the Luxury Boudoir Studio and cannot wait to go back again! If you're looking for a beyond amazing day to pamper yourself and feel amazing, skip the spa and go to Luxury Boudoir Studio!"

- Julia L. -


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