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The Day of the Shoot

What to expect on the day of your boudoir photo shoot

How do I get ready on the morning of my boudoir photo shoot?

We have a professional makeup artist (MUA) who specializes in photographic makeup techniques.  She works with us on every boudoir shoot. 

  • Our MUA requests that you wash and dry your hair the morning of the shoot and DO NOT use any conditioner.

  • Wash your face but DO NOT apply any makeup.

  • Please make sure to shave those areas of your body that you normally shave.  No five o’clock shadows please.

  • Please DO NOT apply any fake or spray-on tan products to your skin as they will produce uneven color on your skin or spots under our lights.


Who will be present at my boudoir photo shoot?

Usually three people will be present at your boudoir session.  John the photographer, his female assistant and the makeup artist (MUA).  The MUA will be taking care of your hair and makeup during the shoot.  The female assistant will be working with you as your personal assistant to assure that you feel comfortable and look your very best during your boudoir session. On special occasions, the director of creating lighting will also be present. 


Who will help me with the boudoir posing?

Our boudoir photo sessions are a collaboration between the photographer, his personal assistant and the client. You do not need modeling experience. We will coach you on how to pose your best for the camera. We are very creative in posing and John will demonstrate the pose for you (obviously not as sexy as you!)  We encourage you to share your own creative ideas.

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