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About John Neilson, Oregon boudoir photographer

John Neilsonl_230210_003.jpg

John Neilson

Professional Photographer

Owner of Luxury Boudoir Studio


Women of all ages deserve to look and feel beautiful. At the Luxury Boudoir Studio we want to celebrate your femininity and natural beauty, and express them through alluring, playful boudoir photography, provided to you by an exceptional Oregon boudoir photographer. Boudoir is an opportunity to once again take control of your life and pursue your dreams.

Boudoir photography offers you a sense of fantasy that can boost your self-esteem, capture a moment in time, or remind yourself of your sensual and flirty side. Giving yourself the gift of a boudoir shoot will create a stronger and more empowered you.

Brides love to indulge themselves with a pre-wedding boudoir photo shoot.  By doing so, they create the most alluring “grooms gift” ever!

Our boudoir clients are always pampered in an atmosphere that’s very relaxing and lots of fun.

With more than 15 years of experience in the art of boudoir and other photography styles, John is a fantastic Oregon boudoir photographer, specializing in boudoir, portraits, glamour and fine art photography. His charming personality and professional photography skills transform any photo session into a unique, creative and memorable experience.  

The key to our success is our dedication to customer service and the strong relationship we build with our clientele. We take a personal interest in getting to know every one of our clients so we can address their specific needs in a professional and timely manner.


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