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Getting Prepared

How to best prepare for your boudoir photo session

What will be covered in the Pre-Shoot boudoir Consultation?

As part of the initial meeting we discuss types of outfits to bring, having your nails done, shopping suggestions, your personal dietary needs for your customized treats, music suggestions and anything else you may have a question about.


How do I prepare in advance for my boudoir photo shoot?

Please download our free Boudoir Dream Shoot Guide.


Do you have any outfits or do I need to supply them all?

Our boudoir photography studio has the largest collection of dresses, lingerie and costume jewelry in Southern Oregon. The dresses are purchased from all over the US and include sizes from x-small to large. Most of our lingerie comes from Victoria Secret, Fredrick’s of Hollywood and unique lingerie specialty shops.  Our extensive costume jewelry literally comes from all over the world. We also have a variety of fabric wraps and wedding dresses. 


What do I need to bring to the boudoir shoot?

We suggest you bring some boudoir outfits that are special to you.  We really encourage you to bring your favorite lingerie fitted to your size. Bring your girly things, your lingerie, your high heels, your favorite CD's or digital music player, and most importantly, your sexy attitude.  Please don't move your entire closet to our studio, just bring up to six outfits to choose from.

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