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Our Unique Style

Here's how we're different from other boudoir studios

The Luxury Boudoir Studio Unique Experience.

Our signature style is what sets us apart.  We create elegant boudoir photographs during the photo shoot.  The gorgeous and sensual boudoir images we produce are soft, provocative and inviting, with immaculate light and special attention to the details.  We use a professional Makeup Artist on every boudoir photo shoot.  We are the only photographic studio in the Pacific Northwest that routinely offers this exclusive luxurious experience. 


Why do a Boudoir photo session?

Primarily, because you deserve one.  One of the most surprising reactions I get when I show a client the back of the camera during a boudoir session is: “Wow, is that really me?”  It is endearing to hear and see how someone suddenly realizes that they too look amazing and attractive.  Somewhere in being a mom, working an 8-5 job, or recovering from an emotional breakup, the element of being sensuous and feminine gets overshadowed by everyday life.  Your boudoir session helps restore your own inner vision and self confidence that you are still truly all of that.  Together we create stunning boudoir images that you will cherish for a lifetime.


Do I need to be a professional model?

You don’t have to be a professional.  We will provide you with the same professionalism and passion that we provide when we are shooting for a professional model. You will be our model for that day.  We will guide you through every aspect of the shoot.


I have flaws and don’t look like a model.

We all have flaws … even supermodels. We have photographed hundreds of clients and they all have areas that need special lighting, special angles, or post photo enhancements to make them look the way they want to be seen.  This is all a normal part of the shoot.


This is my first time doing this and I’m nervous.

It is quite normal to feel apprehensive about your first session.  At the Luxury Boudoir Studio, we schedule a complimentary pre-shoot consultation prior to the actual photo shoot where you will have the opportunity to meet John and give you a full tour of the studio.  We will discuss what you can expect during your photo session.  Almost all of our clients are initially nervous but within thirty minutes are completely relaxed and having a great time.


Where is your studio?

We are located in a residential section of east Medford, Oregon.  All our photography is done by appointment only.  Most of our clients travel by car while some prefer to fly in.  No matter what form of transportation you use to get here, there is always an easy way to get to the studio.  We can also provide transportation to and from the airport.  


Is the photographer a male or female?

The professional photographer is a male who has over 15 years of specialized experience in studio portraiture photography.  With his team, he has created stunning portfolios for hundreds of women.


What is the difference between Boudoir, Glamour and Artistic Nude photography?

Boudoir is a form of glamour photography that is all about creating an "Invitation to the Bedroom".  It is meant to be sexy, taken in lingerie or other intimate apparel.  Boudoir is based in the person’s attitude, rather than the amount of clothes (or lack of it) they are wearing.   The photographs taken will range from head shots to capture your inner being, to three-quarters and full body length to portray your body language.   A boudoir photo shoot is designed to capture your sexy, spicy and naughty side.

Glamour photography is all about the beauty of the woman and her clothing and accessories.  It is fashion photography with more attitude and passion.  The photographs are typically a mix of head shots, three-quarters shots and full length to highlight the clothing of the individual.

Fine Artistic Nudes are creating a work of art using our clients as a figure. Our nudes are never tacky or distasteful but with an artistic flair, highlighting your beauty.  Typically, the face is not the subject of the image.  The images are created to appreciate the art of the human figure before you notice the nude.


If I want a mix of boudoir and fine art nudes…will I need to book extra sessions?

Of course not, each session is custom tailored during your initial consultation and can be a mix of styles, all shot within the same day.


What is your privacy policy?

The respect and privacy of our clients is our top priority.  We will not use our client’s photographs for any purpose other than for direct sale to the client who appears in the photographs.   If we want to use some of your images, we will ask you to sign a separate model release which specifies exactly which image(s) will be used.  You may decline.  We do not provide access or copies to anyone including partners, husbands, or boyfriends, regardless of their relationship to you.  (All images on our site are professional models or clients who have signed a written model release.)


How old must I be to have this type of photography done?

It is our policy that you must be at least 18 years of age.  No Exceptions.  We do reserve the right to check ID’s, so please bring an officially issued current photo ID to the pre-shoot consultation.


Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes, to ensure the privacy of our clients we do not accepts walk-ins at any time.


How does the process begin?

Call us to book your experience now

It is very easy, so please contact us and share with us what type of shoot your are considering. Please include your phone number where we can contact you.

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