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Outfit Ideas for Your Boudoir Session, Besides Lingerie!

We all know that lingerie is a popular choice for boudoir photography, but what if you’re looking for some other creative ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…even when you’re uncovered!

Read on to see some of our favorite ideas!

Totally naked

Okay, it sounds scary. But stay with me here. As skilled photographers, we know how to pose you while keeping it not-so-nude and in-your-face. Different body parts, like arms and legs, can hide your bits and pieces. We can also pose you with strategically placed bedsheets or a towel to give the illusion without actually showing anything.


Rock it out in one of these! With the buttons, we can keep it modest or sultry - whichever you prefer.

Oversized sweaters

These always give a sweet and cozy vibe for boudoir pictures! Pair a chunky sweater with a sexy pair of panties, throw in a steamy coffee mug as a prop, and you'll have a gorgeous photo that looks effortless and hot!

A sheer dress

Is it "less is more" or "more or less"? A sheer material can tease the eye and is perfect for someone who isn't quite ready to go completely nude yet.


Whether it be yours or your partner's jacket, this is a fun way to get in the mood while keeping your session cozy and relaxed.

A fancy dress

This is a great option for those wanting to keep it tasteful yet mysterious. A unique dress can be styled in different ways while still being sexy.

A bed sheet

Wrap yourself in bedding for classic and timeless boudoir photos. There are different poses you can play around with, and it's seductive and sweet!

Faux fur coats

If you're wanting to cover areas while still playing the peek-a-boo game, this is a cool idea with a bit of flair! This is always a super popular choice at our Medford photography studio, and we have multiple choices of coats in our wardrobe!

Ready to set a date for your boudoir photography session? Get in touch and let's set up a time to chat and give you a tour of our Medford boudoir studio! Plus, it’s a great chance to see all of the outfits, coats, dresses, and props we have available for you to use for your photoshoot.

Sensually yours,



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