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Top Tips for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

Secrets and tips to feeling your best for your boudoir photoshoot

Your photographer is going to be your main source of help. Don't be afraid to ask questions before you book, talk about your insecurities, and create a bond with them. Don't forget - we are fashionable experts when it comes to boudoir styles and body types! And we've heard about a LOT of concerns (which are usually nothing to be concerned about).

In short, our main priority in the boudoir photography profession is to make sure that you are totally comfortable, and we can all work together to create some amazingly sexy photos for you to enjoy!

Boudoir Picture by Medford Boudoir Photographer | Luxury Boudoir Studio Medford, OR

Here are some of the ways we love to suggest clients get prepped and feeling gorgeous for their boudoir photos:

  • Don't be afraid to indulge in pampering yourself. Having your nails professionally done will boost your confidence way up! Of course, make sure you get them done the way you love, but we do recommend not going crazy with neon nail polish or loud designs. This is only a recommendation because it can sometimes draw the eye directly to your nails when looking at the photo, instead of your sexy smile and sultry eyes!

  • Have your hair cut and colored a few days before so you can feel all dolled up.

  • If you want to cover all the bases, opt for a bikini wax the week of - it's fast and won't leave behind any stubble! Just be sure to book it at least a couple of days before your scheduled photo shoot.

Boudoir Picture by Medford Boudoir Photographer | Luxury Boudoir Studio Medford, OR
  • Pamper your skin. Even in the weeks leading up, you should exfoliate in the shower and use natural body creams afterward to soften it. This includes your face. Don't forget to show it some love. A good face moisturizer helps keep it dewy and hydrated.

  • Wear comfortable and baggy clothes on the day of your session. You can change into your lingerie upon arrival. This will help to avoid creasing from tight outfits.

Of course, we're happy to address any other concerns and questions about your boudoir photography session! Give us a call at our Medford photography studio and we'll chat about your perfect photos and what to expect.

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