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Receiving Your Photos

All about receiving your boudoir photos

How long does it take to receive my boudoir photos?

About 2 weeks for digital images and prints.  Up to 4 weeks for boudoir albums and specialty items.

How many images will be retouched?

During a normal boudoir photo session, we will capture between 150 to 800 images of your multiple outfits and different poses.  From there, we select and process your best images that meet our quality standards.  The exact number varies per client, but the most recent boudoir sessions have produced between 20 and 50 final images.  Professional retouching is included in all of our photo sessions.  Additional retouching is available for removing skin imperfections, wrinkles, shadows, tan lines, dark circles under the eyes, stretch marks, lingerie marks, surgery scars, stray hairs, etc. Charges start at $25 per image.

How do I get prints of my boudoir portraits?

Luxury Boudoir Studio images are copyrighted but you will own the legal right of use and printing.  If your boudoir package includes digital images, we will provide you with a print release, so you will be free to print at your discretion.

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