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4 Things to Consider Before Booking a Boudoir Photoshoot

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Not sure if you should do a lingerie photoshoot? Keep reading!

Are you asking yourself "Should I do a boudoir photoshoot?" Are you still on the fence about the answer?

I wanted to take a moment to tell you that if you have any nervousness about whether or not you should book a boudoir photo session, I’ve got four great reasons that all lead to “YES”!


Even if you’re the only one who’s ever going to see your photos, that’s great! You can always have that album to look back at when you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, or not-so-sexy. Maybe you’ve got a to-do list eight miles long, or your toddler is sticking raspberries in the dog’s ear (yep…actual story from my life), or you're just trying to figure out something to help you feel like yourself again. You can flip through that album and remind yourself of the stunning, confident vixen that’s at your core!

Here are four reasons why you should have boudoir pictures taken!

1. We need a visual!

You’re already gorgeous, even if you’re so busy you can’t see it lately. Behind the camera, John’s ultimate goal is to help you realize it and visually show you how incredible you are! Sometimes we need that little extra proof to believe it again.

2. Husbands LOVE to see their wives in these photos.

And not just because they’re in their undies! But because they can look at your photos and instantly see the beautiful woman they always see in you. In your boudoir photos, the confidence radiates from you! And men love to know the woman they love can see that sexy confidence in herself too.


"Why should you book a boudoir photo session? Simply...because YOU deserve to!"


3. It’s great “me time”!

Sometimes we go shopping, sometimes we get a pedicure, but more of us should really book a boudoir photo session to focus on ourselves and getting prettied up for a day. Let our hair and makeup professional doll you up, choose some sexy outfits and shoes from our extensive collection, and indulge in our comfy and luxurious photography settings!

4. Boudoir photo shoots are great for celebrations!

Hit a major weight loss goal? Coming up on a big anniversary? Maybe you're about to hit a milestone birthday and want to commemorate it by feeling super sexy! Whatever reason is important to YOU, that's the perfect reason to book your boudoir photoshoot!

Why should you book a boudoir photo session with us? Simply…because YOU deserve to!

So remember that you have every reason to book yourself a boudoir session, whether it’s a gift for your sweetheart or just for yourself. Treat yourself and take the day to feel pampered and sexy at our beautiful Medford boudoir photography studio! Give us a call, let's set up a date, and we’ll see you soon, Gorgeous!

Sensually yours,



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