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What to Wear for Boudoir Photos

Finding the perfect boudoir outfit for your photoshoot!

Choosing a stunning outfit for your boudoir photo session might seem overwhelming. But don't let it freak you out!

Start by choosing flattering items. Identify your best assets as well as the areas you want to conceal (we've all got 'em). Highlight your unique curves, girl!

What to wear for boudoir pictures | Medford Photographer | Medford boudoir photography

Don't be afraid of variety and colors. By selecting multiple styles of outfit options, you'll end up having lots of different images to choose from. Black and white are always go-to colors, but don't be nervous to try colors that match your personality type. Reds, pinks, blues, just consider keeping to solids instead of loud prints.

Boudoir isn't all about lingerie. Some people choose to wear button-downs, t-shirts, jackets, robes, oversized sweaters, or even their honey's favorite sports jerseys. Pair them with some cute undies and they can create some hot shots!

Don't forget to actually try them on and test them out before your photoshoot. Bend over, sit down, lay down, and do all the stuff in them. If they are too loose or too tight, you won't feel confident or comfortable in them.

Trust your instinct. If you have to think too hard about an outfit, set it aside and keep looking. If you are drawn to another outfit, don't be afraid to try it on.

For more customized boudoir outfit ideas and to book your photoshoot at our Medford studio, give us a call and let's set a date for a studio tour (you can check out our closet too!)

See you soon, Lovely!

Sensually yours,


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