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How NOT to be Afraid of the Camera!

Have you been wanting to do a boudoir photo shoot, but you're just so nervous you don't think you can do it? Does a fear of pictures keep you from taking the leap?

Guess what... You're totally normal! That's got to be at least a little comforting, right? And since I believe that every woman should experience a boudoir session at least once, I'm here to help!


Today I want to share my favorite tricks that I've used to kick my photoshoot nerves before (and during) my photoshoots!

Even as a professional model, I still get nervous about some photoshoots! So there's nothing to be concerned about if you're a little scared. The idea of trying something you've never done before is one of the most common fears. There's even a name for it: neophobia. But since I know how rewarding the confidence is that a woman gains from doing a boudoir photoshoot, I'm going to show you how to get past that fear and simply DO IT!

"You can only grow if you're willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new" - Brian Tracy

Here are my 4 top ways to get rid of photoshoot nerves:

1. Play your favorite music on the way to the studio. Music is a great way to set your own mood. The day before your photoshoot, create a playlist of songs you love that always put you in a happy, peaceful mood. Play that list in the car on your way to your photo session. Instant anxiety-lowering magic! At the studio here, we also encourage you to tell us your favorite music genres and artists so we play music you love for your photo session!

2. Eat healthy the week prior and make sure you're hydrated. You've heard the line, "you are what you eat". So we know that when we eat junk, we often feel like junk. It's hard to feel comfortable and sexy if you feel like total garbage and your body is fighting you every step of the way! Load up on the veggies and lean meats. Healthy diets are proven to have a positive effect on not only your body, but also on your mind too! And hey, we ALL know how important it is to stay hydrated right? Did you know it's also crucial for your skin? Yep! Drinking proper amounts of water can really help keep blemishes at bay and make your skin glow!

3. During the photoshoot, don't be afraid to laugh! Feel like a dork in a pose? Great! Let yourself giggle about it! Instead of feeling insecure, you'll get an instant happy-face and mood-boost. Trust me, your photographer isn't even thinking that you look crazy, they're seeing a pose that's going to look super sexy from their side of the camera! And a good photographer will be happy to let you laugh for a minute before capturing the shot. They know laughter is the best medicine, too!

4. Be prepaaaaared! (in the words of Scar from The Lion King...) Knowing a little more about what to expect at a photoshoot can help to put your mind at ease. That's one of the reasons why the pre-session consultation at Luxury Boudoir Studio is so important to John. He wants to have the opportunity to answer any of his clients' questions and address their concerns in a non-nerve-wracking one on one meeting first. Trust me, meeting face to face with your photographer goes a looong way with making you feel more comfortable!

You can also check out your photographer's portfolio (if you haven't already) so you can see some ideas of poses and settings they may often use. Make notes of anything you love or aren't fond of so you can mention those things to the photographer. They'll take note of that to make sure you get the best experience!

I also highly encourage you to download our Boudoir Dream Shoot Guide (it's free!) to get more specific info about John, the photography team, our awesome Medford studio, and so much more. Then be the brave soul I know you can be, and pick up that phone now!

You're stronger and braver than you know! And you deserve to do a boudoir photoshoot for yourself if you want one. I hope we get to meet soon at your dream boudoir photo session!

Sensually Yours,



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