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7 Tips For Healthy Photoshoot Hair

Is your hair too frizzy? Do you have dry hair or an oily scalp? Maybe your brunette hair is too dull or your blonde hair is too brassy.

Here are seven easy tips to help you out!


After you booked your exciting boudoir photo shoot, you probably started thinking about your hair and wondering what kind of shape it’s going to be in by the time your shoot date arrives. Have no fear! You’ve got plenty of time to try some of these simple tricks to combat some common hair issues.

Before we dive in, am I even qualified to be talking about this? Yes, fear not! You might already know that I’m a professional model, but you may not know that I’m also a licensed cosmetologist and I used to own my own salon when my husband and I lived in California. So you can rest easy knowing that I’ve tried all of these things myself and I’m not recommending anything that I wouldn’t have recommended to my favorite salon clients.

Read on and enjoy better hair days!

7 Tips for Healthier Hair


1. Rinse in Cold Water – Before you panic, I’m not suggesting you lather up and then do the Ice-Bucket Challenge. We’re not talking about anything that drastic! Rinsing your hair in cool water, however, helps to smooth down the cuticles of your hair strands. That might not sound super important, but this little trick goes a looong way in helping to tame frizz! If you’ve recently colored your hair, smoothing down those cuticles will also help lock in the pigment longer.

2. Deep Condition Once a Week – If you find you end up with dry hair, especially at the ends, try a deep condition once a week. You can do it at home easily using most drugstore hair masks, (two of my favorites are Biolage Hydrasource Aloe Mask and Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures Repairing Mask). Just wash your hair as usual, towel dry it, then apply the mask liberally to your hair. Put a shower cap on and leave it in for 10-15 minutes (yes, I know the instructions usually say to leave it on for about 3 minutes but trust me on this!) then rinse it out and enjoy softer hair.

3. Use a Colored Shampoo – Brunettes with dull, orangey hair can use a blue shampoo to help balance it out. Blondes with brassy, yellow tones in their hair should use a purple shampoo to counter it.

4. Apply a Serum When Damp – Applying a serum to the middle and ends of your hair while it’s damp will help protect it from the elements and styling heat, while also helping to condition and tame frizz.

5. Avoid Conditioner on the Scalp – If you find you have an oily scalp the day after you’ve washed your hair, you might try avoiding conditioner on the top of your head. Make sure you only apply it from the midshaft (where you’d usually make a ponytail) down through the ends. The hair nearest to the scalp is usually getting conditioned by the oils that our scalps produce naturally, so it makes sense that you probably wouldn’t need extra conditioning up there!

6. Rinse in Vinegar or Beer – Dull hair and color that looks flat? Dampen your hair and rinse it in apple cider vinegar. Leave the vinegar rinse on for about 2 minutes then rinse it out with cool water to reveal shinier hair and brighter color. Don’t have the vinegar? You can also do this with a can of beer and get great results too. Just be sure to keep both of them out of your eyes.

7. Braid Hair at Night – Braiding your hair or putting it up in a bun will help to prevent extra damage that we cause at night while we sleep. When our hair is down and we’re rolling around all night long, the hair really takes a beating! Keeping it contained keeps it safer from breakage and unnecessary frizz. Changing to a silk or satin pillowcase helps too!

I hope some of these hair tips help you out! We'll see you in the photography studio soon with those gorgeous, shiny locks!

Sensually yours,



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