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A Sneak Peek Into Our Closet!

It's been a while since we've given a tour of our closet! Take a look through some of the goodies we have for our boudoir clients to use for their photoshoots :-)


Whatever your favorite lingerie styles or colors, we've probably got some outfits you'll love to pose in for your photos!

Any of these sound like your style??

  • Wedding white lingerie for bridal boudoir photography

  • Colorful lingerie

  • Sparkly lingerie outfits

  • High heel shoes

  • Luxury jewelry, stockings, and accessories

We have a LOT of different size options too, so don't let that stop you from booking your dream photoshoot at our studio. Check out the video, fall in love with our wardrobe, then get in touch with us and let's set up a photo session and also choose a day for you to come try on some outfits for it!

Sensually yours,



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