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Loving Yourself After Divorce - Boudoir Can Help!

To all of you ladies out there who may be going through a split, we see you, we love you, and we want to make sure you feel gorgeous and pampered!

(This author has been through it too. I feel your heart, sister!)


The D-word. Isn't something anyone ever wants to go through. Whether you're relieved to finally be split from your ex or you're struggling to find joy again, there are still ways to help you cope and grow during this new obstacle in your life.

Divorce boudoir photography sessions (stay with me here...). Regardless of the nature of your split, it signals the beginning of a new you. Sure, some people might find it weird to celebrate. But it's a great time to embrace your freedom and do something you've never done before.

  • Maybe you want to do it because you're no longer taking crap from anyone.

  • Maybe you're doing it to feel beautiful again.

  • Maybe you're doing it to start checking off your bucket list.

Whatever your reason may be, it's empowering to invest in yourself.

Divorce can be looked at as a fresh start. It's a time to reclaim yourself and your freedom. It's an open door for your self-confidence, and a reminder to make a point to care for yourself.

If you're sad, boudoir is a great way to cope. You'll feel refreshed, beautiful, and new all over again.

If you're angry, release those raw emotions in front of the camera. It's okay to be upset. Throw the flowers, hug yourself, dress up to dress down, and let go of your past.

Whatever your reason is, we are here to make sure your boudoir photography experience is a positive one that will leave a lasting imprint on your self-confidence!

You'll feel like a new person. You still got-it-going-on. Maybe you've been missing out and not investing in yourself all this time. Give us a call and let's set up an afternoon just for celebrating you being YOU!

Sensually yours,



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