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Lingerie Shopping Tips

Some of our favorite ideas to help you shop for sexy boudoir lingerie and accessories!

Clothes can be frustrating to shop for - especially when it comes to outfits for a sensual boudoir photography session. But, there is something out there for you. I promise!

I suggest: Finding a lingerie store with real one-on-one help and fitting rooms. The people working are experienced with different body types and know what might suit your needs. (If you're local to our Medford, Oregon photography studio, feel free to give us a call for some of our favorite places in Medford to find lingerie for your boudoir photos!) The added bonus of being able to try on different styles and sizes before you buy ensures that you'll get the best pieces of lingerie!

Don't be afraid to ask a lingerie store employee, a friend, or even your boudoir photographer for help when trying to find the perfect lingerie outfit. When you shop at a boutique or storefront dedicated to lingerie, they will usually help size and measure you. Remember, matchy-matchy is a good thing when it comes to lingerie sets for your photos! A bright red bra with yellow floral panties probably isn't going to look good together in pictures...

Quick tips:
  • We recommend bringing along something that adds a little boost to your chest. Anything with an underwire or extra shaping; like a pushup bra or corset.

  • Try on different textured outfits. This could be satin, lace, mesh, net, beading, etc.

  • Don't be afraid to try out bodysuits, corsets, thigh highs, stockings, knee-high socks, teddys, high-waisted underwear, and slips. You'd be surprised to see what flatters you the most!

  • Find two to three different types of shoes to bring to your session. Heels are a popular choice! We suggest staying away from flats/thong sandals.

Of course, our clients are always encountering try on any of our wardrobe pieces during their consultation and studio tour. We have the largest collection of lingerie and accessories of any boudoir photography studio in Southern Oregon, and our clients are welcome to wear any of it for their photoshoots.

Get in touch with us for help, suggestions, and even some ideas for where to shop for lingerie in Medford, Oregon! When you're ready to chat about your boudoir photoshoot, we'll be so excited to talk with you!

Until then...

Sensually yours,



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