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What's My Body Shape?

Identifying your body shape can really help to choose the most flattering lingerie for your boudoir photoshoot! Check out this post and learn about the four most common body shapes and the best lingerie recommendations for each one.

Boudoir Tips: How to find out your body shape

Apple - Your top features are broader than your torso. Try lingerie that gets all eyes AWAY from your waist and center region. How about trying a babydoll or corset!

Hourglass - Curves for days! Your top and bottom are bigger than your waist. Anything form-fitting will define those curves, such as bodysuits, hugging slips, and bra/panty combos!

Pear - Smaller top and big booty! Ruffle tops and push-up bras are great to enhance your chest. Try them with high-rise thongs to lengthen your body line.

Rectangle - A straight figure, top to bottom. G-strings and thongs will create an illusion of a more prominent booty! Pair with a demi cup push-up bra to add more cleavage.

For even more in-depth information about choosing the best lingerie for your body type, download our free Lingerie Guide! It's packed with all kind of styles, tips, and suggestions so you can look your best and feel confident during your boudoir photoshoot.

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