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What NOT to Do at a Boudoir Photo Shoot!

There are a few things that everyone should be sure to avoid doing when they get a boudoir photo shoot. Here's a little list of some things that we recommend NOT doing!


As a general rule, these things should definitely be avoided if possible to ensure you get the best photos from your boudoir session!

If you booked your boudoir session with us, we're here to help you look and feel your best at Luxury Boudoir Studio! Many of these things you won't even need to be concerned about if you're doing your boudoir photo session at our studio, because we take out all of the guess-work for you so you can simply relax during your photo shoot.


Bad Tan Lines/Sunburn – If you have not been tanning recently, don’t tan just before your session. You can get a sunburn or really bad tan lines, which are not flattering in photos. Also avoid spray tans or tanning lotions at all cost, as they tend to photograph very poorly.

Getting drunk at your session– If you are nervous about your session, it’s OK to have a glass of wine to rest your nerves. That said, don’t get wasted before or during your session. This is one of the worst things you can do for your photo quality! Your eyes will be blood shot and droopy and it’s just a recipe for disaster.

Choosing the wrong sized outfits– Choose lingerie that is just the right size for you. You don’t want loose lingerie that gives your body no shape or hides your beautiful curves. On the other hand, lingerie that is too tight can be unflattering. At our Medford studio, we have a large collection of lingerie in different styles and sizes that our clients may use for photo shoots. However we always like to recommend bringing a few of your own outfits you feel amazing in, if you have some! (Shopping is half the fun anyway, right?)

Heavy Makeup – At Luxury Boudoir Studio, professional hair and makeup is included with your photo shoot, so this isn't something you'll need to worry about! If you're not at our studio and you're in charge of your own makeup, you don’t want to slather the makeup on too thickly! It’s more about accentuating your natural features and making you feel – and look – stunning. Photography makeup is very different from everyday makeup and requires a certain level of knowledge and skill. Which is why we are proud to include this service to our clients to take that stress away!

Forgetting to shave/wax – Always remember to shave or wax any exposed area that needs to looks smooth and sexy ;-)

For more recommendations, or to book your boudoir photo shoot with us, get in touch with us so we can get you all set up with a stress-free boudoir session!

Sensually yours,



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