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Putting Boudoir Myths to Bed....

Debunking the biggest myths about boudoir photography!

Let's jump right in with one of the biggest lies we hear about boudoir photography...

"You have to have a 'perfect' body to do it!"


You don't need to lose weight. Embracing your body and learning self-love is what we strive for. We don't try to Photoshop every single thing you dislike about yourself. Instead, we work around your least confident areas with flattering posing and lighting. You don't need to change a single thing about yourself! Boudoir photography is a wonderful way to show you how gorgeous you truly are.

Another huge myth: "They're just raunchy photos."

It's so much more than that. Of course, if that's your goal, we can make it happen. But in general, boudoir is a tasteful, classy experience that teaches body empowerment and celebrating the skin you're in.

Fact: You don't have to have a partner to have a reason for a boudoir shoot. Do it for yourself!

(Shout out to all the single ladies ♪♫)

It's all about self-worth and investing in YOU. A boudoir shoot will show you how beautiful you really are.

Maybe you're celebrating a birthday!

Or you might be finding yourself after a messy break-up. Maybe you're just feeling like a super hottie on a random Tuesday afternoon!

There really isn't a bad reason for boudoir photography as long as loving yourself is at the center of it.

And did you know...you don't have to tell anyone or show anyone you did a boudoir photoshoot if you're not comfortable with it?

We keep our clients' photo sessions totally confidential. Nobody has to know if you don't want them to. It can be private, or you can share it! The choice is yours.

So now that you're done listening to the Negative Nancy's of the world telling you why you shouldn't book a boudoir photo session, CALL US and let's have a super awesome photoshoot celebrating Y.O.U.

Sensually yours,



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