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So, You're Nervous About Boudoir...

Still nervous about booking a boudoir session? I'll let you in on a secret...most people are!

Maybe you don't think you're sexy enough to do it. Maybe you think you have to have a valid reason to do it.

First off, no. And second off, also no!

Boudoir photo of woman in mask | Luxury Boudoir Studio | Medford, OR

You don't have to plan for it a year in advance. There is no rhyme or reason. And you do not need to lose 10 pounds first! A boudoir photo session the same as any other professional photography session, but better. If you are nervous, we encourage you to bring a friend to your consultation (and even during your shoot if you need to!)

*Just a little note here, make sure you let them know not to direct you during your shoot because that could make you more nervous AND we know how to pose you in the most flattering ways!

Plus, if you are extremely bashful, keep in mind that lingerie is NOT required. Boudoir can be gentle and subtle (think oversized sweaters and luxurious robes).

*Check out some of my suggestions here.

Everyone is pretty nervous upon booking and arrival. That's one reason we refuse to shoot a boudoir session unless you've already met us for an initial consultation first! We want to make sure you're already familiar with our studio space and you know exactly what to expect first before we ever set a shoot date for you.

By having already met the team and toured the studio (fully clothed!) it helps you to feel more comfortable on the date of your boudoir shoot because it's already somewhat familiar to you. And for the most part, those nerves melt away within minutes of the session. You'll think, "Wow. I was hesitant about this? This is freaking FUN!"

WARNING: We like to laugh a lot in the studio!

boudoir photo of woman in white swimsuit | Luxury Boudoir Studio | Medford, OR

Boudoir is about embracing the bodies we are in. Celebrating our best qualities and honoring the scars, marks, and dimples that shape us. It's our right to feel beautiful and we choose body positivity every day!

So send us a message and let us know if you have any other questions or you're ready to set a date right now!

Until then, Gorgeous...

Sensually yours,



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