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Enjoying Your Boudoir Session

Some pointers to help ensure you totally enjoy your boudoir photography session.

First things first...

Feel confident in your boudoir photographer. Just because someone's expensive doesn't mean they're the best. And just because someone's prices are great doesn't mean the quality of the photos will be. Choosing the right photographer matters. You want to bond with them and feel comfortable at your body's most vulnerable in front of the camera. Choose someone who's excited just as much as you are!

Hint: At this studio, we're just as excited as you are for a boudoir session!

Low-light Boudoir Photo

Hang out with them, talk over the phone, and truly get to know them! If a boudoir photographer is experienced and know what they are doing, they'll know exactly how to make you feel comfortable. Don't be afraid to ask to visit the studio. You'll become familiar with the setting and be better prepared for your big day.

Together, you can plan for your boudoir and how you envision it. What type of boudoir style are you aiming for? What types of lingerie are you thinking about? Do you want to incorporate any accessories or props? Have these planned and ready in advance!

Don't stress about your weight. Instead, eat smarter and healthier meals without overly trying. This will give you more energy without feeling blah all day! Please avoid the fad diets out there beforehand. Simply choose better meals and increase your water intake.

Trust me, it makes all the difference!

Last but not least...

Have fun. Seriously - invest in self-care weeks in advance. Sure, you'll have the chance to get pampered and glammed up around the day of your session. But in the weeks leading up, take out time for yourself. Have a nice, long bath with a glass of wine. Start using body scrubs and face masks. Have a spa day! All in all, have a blast and start loving yourself!

I'll see you soon for your boudoir photography session!

Sensually Yours,



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